SPACE INTERFACE, Weithorn Galerie, Düsseldorf, 2015

Space Interface is a current international collaborative project between Emmett and the renowned electronic musician/artist Eberhard Kranemann (co-founder of Kraftwerk, NEU! Piss Off, aka Fritz Müller Rock). The work presents a hybrid space, defined as a mixed reality event using heterogeneous experience as a ‘scaffold’ to prompt an extended set of reality states. Space Interface creates a multi-level immersive environment in which the performers and audience are encouraged to simultaneously occupy multiple points on the mixed reality continuum.

Space Interface combines theories from ‘intentional niche construction’ (Odling-Smee et al. 2003), with biasing theories from ‘perceptual control theory’ (Powers, William. 2008) to originate an interactional territory that activates a higher dimensional reality as a cumulative effect of combining live performance, with interactive sound (3-axis accelerometer, PD and OSC), a computer-generated simulated environment, stereoscopic images and 3D digitally printed structures. In this environment the visitor’s experience oscillates between states of immersion and multi-sensory stimulation within the proximal zone of transaction and exchange.

Space-Interface-01-B-print Space-Interface-02-D-print Space-Interface-01-C-print Space-Interface-03-A-print Space-Interface-03-C-print- Space-Interface-drawing Space-Interface-03-B-print Space-Interface-02-A-print Space-Interface-Glass Space-Interface-02-B-print Space-Interface-02-C-print Space-Interface-01-A-print space-interface-montage Space-Interface-II-text Thanks to: Eberhard Kranemann, Herietta Weithorn, Mischa Kuball, TRYLON, Jason Clark and James Filbin.


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