VECTION BUILDER, The Roman Baths, Bath, 2010–2012

Vection-Builder creates an anti-environment that challenges our understanding of spatial perception. Sited within the hidden vaults of The Roman Baths, architectural cues are spliced with digital frames of light and sound to subvert the participants spatial awareness, creating an enviroment of endogeneous mirroring.

The work was supported by PerceptionLab: Demolder Schule für Architektur und Innenarchitektur, Germany.

vection-01 vection-02 vection-03 vection-06 vection-07 vection-08 vection-09 vection-10 vection-11 vection-12 vection-13 vection-14 vection-15 vection-16 vection-17 vection-18 vection-19 vection-20 Special thanks to: Bath Heritage Services, PerceptionLab, David Strang.


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