Space Interface 2018 investigates the boundary zone between architectural experience and an individual’s internalised response that arises from the external stimuli. The film investigates cognitive and behavioural responses that are triggered by the perceptual focusing within the transforming environment.

Space Interface is a collaborative project between architect Mathew Emmett and artist/musician Eberhard Kranemann. The work synthesises novel creative methodologies that translate conceptual space into concentrated space-time events. The film provides an early example of hybrid-space construct, that performs as motivator for audiovisual spatial modality.

Space Interface inverts architecture from the point of its production to the site of its reception, providing a gestalt-shift for architectural understanding. And as such considers film as a mixed reality platform to manipulate the subject’s bodily and psychological encounter with space, time and reality. Within the immersive experiences of Space Interface 2018 the physical and cognized territories are expanded to reveal new dimensions.


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